Golf Goddess
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Golf Goddess
FREE DELIVERY Orders over $100 (Aust.)

About Us

Golf Goddess was conceived from a love of golf and a love for fashion. However, it was always a struggle to find ladies golf clothing that was pretty, fresh and different. There were lots of lovely feminine colors but the polo tops for ladies didn’t differ that much from the men’s golf polo shirts and now they come in the same colors! The concept for the Golf Goddess collection was to create a range of ladies golf clothing that was distinctly female, that made you feel good wearing it and inspire confidence playing in it. So while ladies golf wear has come a long way, there are still a lot of block colors and repeat patterns in golf tops and bottoms.

So Golf Goddess was born. After a few false starts and wrong turns, a pattern maker, graphic designer and manufacturer were sourced who could turn the rough, hand drawn, cut and paste designs into the golf outfits you will see on the pages of this website. They have been created in unique, feminine designs in beautiful colors. The garments move with you, are cool and comfortable.  As much as golf is a physical sport it is also a mind set.  When you look and feel your best, it boosts your confidence. Golf Goddess will inspire that confidence so that you are ready to take on that golf course, each and every time.

Embrace your inner Golf Goddess!


Golf Goddess